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ÿþLet's say that the pitcher's second best nike air max 97 plus pitch is a good curve ball and that batter has had trouble with his curve ball in the past. It would make no sense for that pitcher to get beat on his best pitch, the fast ball with the game on the line. Forget this myth. P. S. It's almost always the location of a pitch that beats the pitcher and not the type of pitch thrown. Don't Look At The Ball, Just Run: All good base runners DO look at the ball. This is not to say that if you hit a grounder to the infield you should be looking at the grounder while running to first base. On the other hand, there are many, many times where you should be looking at the ball. Good base runners very seldom need a coach to guide them while running. They watch the ball, the fielder and the play unfold. 

Here is an alphabetized list of baseball fielding tips for grounders. All bases are covered. Sorry, but the pun was intended. Arm Extension: You should extend your arms almost straight out and field the ball in front of your body. You should never field grounders near your body or underneath your body. In at least % of the cases where a grounder goes through an infielder's legs, it's nike blazer mid because their arms and hands were too close to their body and not out in front. Back-Handing The Ball: Try to keep your glove hand relaxed and don't stab at the ball unless you have to. You want to really focus on "soft hands" and try to ease the baseball into your glove. Backside Should Be Down: Your rear end should be down and kept down, almost like you're sitting in a chair. 

By nike flip flops for women doing this, there is less of a chance for the ball to go under you and your eye level will be much better to read the ball very well. Ball Stops Rolling: The easiest way to pick a ball up if it has stopped is to push it into the ground. Scooping it up takes more time and increases the chance for a miscue. By pressing down, in essence you are pushing the ball into your hand, which is exactly what you want. Bare-Handed Play When The Ball Is Rolling Very Slowly: Many players make the common mistake of trying to scoop it up with a couple of their fingers so their fingers are in position to throw the ball. The proper way is to cup the hand and field the baseball with all of your fingers. Now comes the tricky part. 

You only have a very small amount nike flyknit racer of time to go from cupping the ball and getting it into your four seam throwing grip. It takes a little practice to perfect this fundamental but it is worth the time and a little effort to learn the proper way. Bounces Can Be Very Tricky: All the good infielders read the baseball off the bat immediately and they often determine the bounce they will get and the batted ball does not determine the bounce they will get. The expression is that "you play the ball and don't let the ball play you. " It's important to sometimes charge in and get the friendly hop. Try to avoid the hop where the ball bounces about three feet in front of you. There is a huge difference between the friendly and the unfriendly bounce. 

You will notice that almost every time a grounder goes through an infielder's legs, it's because their glove was not low enough, was too close to their feet and not out in front of their body. If you get beat under your glove, I'm sorry you and I will no longer be on speaking terms! Hands When Fielding Grounders:Like we mentioned, the hands should always be out front. If the ball takes a bad hop and your hands are close to the body, you have very little chance to adjust. And remember, you are catching an egg and not a baseball. Keep your hands soft, like a dampened sponge and not a stiff piece of wood. Knees Bent And Pointing Outward: The baseball expression is "the arms and knees out and the waist straight. " It gives an infielder much more mobility should he have to suddenly move to the left or to the right. Play From The Ground Up: This simply means keep the glove down and only bring the glove up when and if needed. 

This is because he knows he's tiring and wants to hurry up and get the inning over with. Watch for a pitcher who stops following through. The more a pitcher tires, the less he follows through and nike free rn doesn't "finish" his pitches. It's affectionately called "getting lazy. " Remember that the follow through protects the arm from coming to a sudden halt. It's not good for your automobile if you're driving M. P. H. and jam on the brakes and it's not healthy for your pitcher's arm accelerating and then coming to an abrupt stop either. When a baseball pitcher stops following through, the risk is not just the quality of the pitch but more importantly, the risk is to injuring his throwing arm. Watch for any changes [Image: nike%20free%20rn-977avk.jpg] in your pitcher's usual mechanics. Watch everything in general.

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