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Suggestion for Advertising Agencies
* A legible title is recommended to concentrate the greatest seriousness and attract serious clients.

* It is highly recommended to publish some payment rates of what they offer whether in models CPM,CPC,CPV,CPL,CPA.

* Your future customers would probably like to know about your payment terms and it is recommended that you publish it.

* Avoid the loss of traffic, specify if your company is special for both platforms or is unique in special. Example Desktop and Mobile.

* If your website loads with https, your customers will feel attracted and more reliable.

* It is very likely that if your thread is official of your company we will contact you to verify that it is your company and certify it as official. We recommend publishing your email example

* Surely your customers or users who wish to enter your company would like to know in which platform you manage your codes or tags when delivering.

* Publishing the payment processors in which you make withdrawals to users is recommended that you publish it.

* If you are an RTB, or a Traffic Exchanger it is highly recommended that you indicate it.

* If you have instant messaging contacts like skype or icq it is recommended that you publish it.

If you manage to follow these guidelines you will surely get good publishers for your company.

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