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Improve keyword indexing in SEO On Page
After a long time of testing and reading, seeing, and hearing a lot of myths about Seo, I have checked the following, that wordpress seo plugins are no good.

[Image: seo-onpage-818x549.png]

To improve the positioning and indexing of keywords you have to remove plugins like Yoast and All in one SEO, they are unnecessary and even bad, maybe they can work for an SEO expert, but if you're a novice, forget them, and I mention this because I did the test, a whole year spent testing, and I came to the conclusion that plugins are unnecessary, see I used yoast, and I was doing badly, although I received good help from people with more experience, not to call them experts, then I changed to all in one seo, and improved a little, but only a little.

So one day I decided to clone the sites, change the content a little so that it would not look so similar and on that site do not use plugins, or anything just one that would allow me to send a sitemaps to webmaster.

And the change was radical, I indexed more words, more articles and so I managed to position, see remove the web, and only save the content and reassemble them, and leave the content, since then I receive 200% more visits.
To see results is not enough to remove the plugins, apparently leave codes on your site or something like that, so save your entries and remove everything from the root folder and start again, without loading these plugins that apparently and in my experience were made only to sell smoke.

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